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Sri Lanka has many analog terrestrial network operated and also satellite or cable network operated TV channels.

Now some television networks plans to transmit the DVB-T2 digital transmission all over the country.

The national telecommunications provider Sri Lanka Telecom also launched an IPTV service in 2008.

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Dinagaran Navartnasingam April 8, 2013 am (Pacific time)people please try to understand the message that is trying to be shared to people around the world...

this should not happen to anyone any race, color, religion, ethnicity etc... very sad =(Varun March 28, 2013 am (Pacific time)The Sinhali women are so ugly, I've seen them when I visited Sri Lanka myself.

And maybe those ugly women do not let the husbands have sex with them, and any sane man would never feel like fucking a Sinhali woman.

So, they have sex only for the sake of making babies and not for intimacy (or maybe the women get children sleeping with tourists, as I've seen them flirting all the time).

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The sex tape incident was first reported by Colombo Telegraph and shows the man who is strikingly similar to Jayasuriya, recording the entire sexual encounter.

The video has instantly gone viral on the social media after which the woman who was allegedly recorded with Jayasuriya claimed that the cricketer had stooped low to take revenge from her.

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