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Human geneticist Silvia Paracchini and her team from the University of St Andrews found that the part of the genetic code which is abnormal in people who have situs inversus is the same that affects handedness.

Now, alas, both of the potential mates who came to live with Jeremy have rejected him in favor of copiously reproducing with each other. See, Jeremy (and his lefty buddies) have a rare genetic condition called situs inversus, which is exactly what it sounds like.

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Left-handed people may be even more unique than first thought, thanks to a study that has linked one rare condition with another.100,000 people had their genes sequenced to determine handedness, and it seems that a condition called situs inversus may be able to provide clues behind what makes people use their left hand instead of the right.

One in 20,000 people are affected by the condition which mirrors the major organs from their major positions: for instance the heart would be on the right side of the body instead of the left.

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