Sharepoint 2016 organization browser not updating

I’ll also finish it up by telling you about two solutions Microsoft is working on to make the entire experience much more robust and enterprise-friendly.

It's relatively easy to synchronize a Document Library with your PC.

Resolution: Add “ADS\” in front of the user Net ID if the Net ID alone does not work when attempting to log in from an external domain e.g. Behavior: Microsoft prohibits certain file types from being uploaded to or stored in Share Point.

Resolution: Zip any restricted file types prior to uploading, since files are an acceptable format to store in Share Point.

Click "Finish" to create your organizational chart.

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Resolution: Select the comments section of the specific "Entry" to scroll through all comments.Microsoft's Visio allows you to create advanced diagramming, including organizational charts. At the minimum, the Excel file or other source must include an employee name and the name of the employee's manager.Data-driven visuals let you communicate complicated ideas clearly. Importing data for an organizational chart into Visio can be accomplished by connecting to the data and specifying elements. The "Organization Chart Wizard" will look for the name and a "Report To" field that it uses to shape the diagram.Behavior: When accessing Northwestern Share with Firefox 30 on a Mac pages may not load, instead showing an error such as: "You are not authorized to view this page” or "401 UNAUTHORIZED".Users with passwords longer than 25 characters may also not be able to log into Share Point using Firefox on a Mac.

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Specify more information to display by creating more in-depth mapping, such as mapping the Excel file's "Phone" field to the Visio chart's version. You can choose how much of an organization you want to show on one page, for example.

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