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(um, why would 50 need to go to Lefrak of all places…that’s no where near Southside Jamaica, and its certainly not the new trendy datespot, lol) Anyways, ever since then, I kept hearing little tidbits here and there…. Ciara talking to 50 on the phone…yadda yadda yadda.

Even, one of my famous co-workers noticed a little nervousness on Ciara’s part when asked about a certain Curtis Possibly-Not-Interscope-For-Much-Longer Jackon : ) So, back to the unedited video footage that I peeped on the low.

Cuban-Venezuelan-American singer Veronica Vega knew that she wanted to pursue a musical career, but explaining that dream to her parents, who had emigrated to America from their respective countries to make better lives for themselves, was a daunting task in and of itself.

Other times, 50 was stroking her bare back…whole time, 50 and Ciara are wrapped in each other arms, lips to necks….definitely all looking alot more intimate than two business collaborators or two platonic pals would ever get.The purpose of this blog is to address and expose the the exaggerations, fabrications, distortions and misrepresentations of black men by a minority of black women who frequent the World Wide Web.While these women far from represent the average sista, the web does give them a voice for their demagoguery. Over on Von's blog there is an ongoing theme that is an attempt at attacking the commonly expressed criticism of black women’s choices in dating.“Not only mine, and not only Spanish — Caribbean and island cultures, immigrants in general. They’re both the hardest working people I’ve ever met.” “Working with Vega has been a life changing experience — culturally, musically and spiritually,” shares Polow.It’s in my music and it’s who I am.” And being molded by two industry heavyweights has helped refine that diverse palette and give Vega a sound that is uniquely her own. “With all that I know about music, I’ve been just as much a student during the process of this project.

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