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Time for German parents to have "The Talk" with their kids. In a case before a Leipzig court the defendant denied having downloaded an audiobook, as he wasn’t home at the time of the infringement.

This doesn't have much to do with the rightsholder being unable to extract fines from a minor, but rather a perceived parenting failure.

Torrent Freak reports that a German court has decided to hold a parent responsible for his child's infringing activity.

It appears that parents are supposed to act as anti-piracy educators -- a burden that usually falls on rightsholders and their representation, many of which have lobbied for intellectual property instruction to be inserted somewhere between the second and third "R." In her order the judge writes that for proper parental supervision, it’s required to “instruct a child on the illegality of participating in illegal file-sharing exchanges, and to explicitly prohibit this behavior.” To do otherwise is legally "negligent," according to the court.

And it hinted the father lied about the computer use instructions he gave his child, presumably in hopes of avoiding fines and fees. Courts aren't going to be policing parental anti-piracy instruction until well after the fact, if at all.

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This is despite the fact that renewables (including solar and wind) have ramped up significantly in the past decade.

On June 9, 2014, Germany generated for the first time over P of the electricity demand from solar.

This virulent form of rent-seeking tends to put out some of the more despicable strategies, from flatout falsely accusing people of piracy, lying to international students about the punishment for copyright infringement, and threatening those that expose their actions.

But a case that was winding its way through German courts sees copyright trolls there now going even further, winning the argument over whether parents should have to serve their own children up to the courts for copyright trolls.

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In the past year, 147bn k Wh was generated from renewable sources.

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