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Tagged also allows you to maximize your networking since you need not be friends to chat making it easier to make friends all around the world.After you click on the sign up button, the next page will have your email address on it and a find friends button on it. When you click on the find friends button, you have allowed Tagged to access your yahoo account, gmail account and other networks to import contacts.You can be guaranteed on security with your contacts since the only persons who can access these are tagged authorized employees.I even sent her 150 euro by Western Union, but dit not give the MTCN number. Richard (Australia) Report N7 (added on March, 31, 2010) Claire claims to be the offspring of a family that died in a car accident about 2/3 years ago.Emails from nigeria or indonesia claims to need money to free up her late fathers gem investments (family run gem trading business).

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  1. If you decide to utilize your own IRC: CGI please remember that MOST hosts see connecting to IRC as an additional service for which they charge extra, or as a TOS violation due to the proliferation of file sharing bots passing out warez and pr0n, so installing the CGI on your own host may result in issues.

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