Dating others during trial separation

But why is it important, and how can you ensure that you’ve done it correctly?

So what we're talking about here is making the process safer by proactively creating guidelines. You may not feel able to set an end date; then you could decide on re-evaluating the situation after 3 weeks (or 3 months). If children are involved, you need to create a clear structure in terms of which parent does what, and deal upfront with financial issues and other upcoming decisions.Whatever the reason, you’ve made the decision that you need to turn the page and move on with your life.One of the first steps in the divorce process is the establishment of a date of separation.In some jurisdictions (such as Fairfax County), regardless of fault grounds, you will not be scheduled for an equitable distribution divorce trial until beyond the statutory time period.Second, your date of separation will have an impact on the marital, separate or hybrid nature of financial accounts, retirement accounts, and other property.

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