At bamyan in afghanistan predating

It is believed that the upper parts of their faces were made from great wooden masks or casts.

Kofi Annan, the United Nations Secretary-General, had pleaded with the Taliban's foreign minister, Wakil Ahmad Muttawakil, in Islamabad yesterday to save Afghanistan's cultural heritage.

Boys riding cheap Iranian motorbikes kick up the dust that settles over roadside stalls, coating vegetables in grit.

In fake black Ray-Bans and a Marlboro straw hat, Ibrahim, like most men under 40 in this town, keeps his cheeks clean-shaven.

BAMIYAN, Afghanistan—Wedged between the Hindu Kush and Koh-i-Baba mountain ranges in the central highlands of Afghanistan, Bamiyan is a sleepy, unimposing town.

In the afternoon, when the sun throws a golden glow on the cliffs, the men return from the fields to the whiff of kebab smoke on the main street.

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Now, 3-D light projects on the empty cliff where the statues once stood.

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