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limited event series aired on Showtime last night, reintroducing us to characters from the first two seasons and throwing us headlong into a world that stretches far beyond the boundaries of the fictional Washington town.

Many prestige dramas kick off every season, or even every episode, with a short recap of the previous season or episode in order to catch viewers up on what happened last time on the show.

The basic principle of our agency is honesty with our clients.

We feature intelligent, well-educated Ukrainian and Russian women with diverse interests for dates.

It is puzzling, however, how the cartoon characters in this little movie expect to do well at Bang Fit, since they seem to lack genitalia.

However all the ladies are personally vetted to ensure that they are genuine .

This video, via bar|none, explores using the Madrona Labs Soundplane for something a little more experimental, traveling through a single long sample and playing grains. Visual feedback on the arc helps you understand what is happening.

This allows for very high resolution control of scrubbing through a large sample in coarse or fine increments and control of many other parameters at high or low resolution. I am just controlling it in an unusual way and with finer control than you can do with the M4L patch controls alone.

The Soundplane detects a wide range of touches on its walnut playing surface, from a light tickle to a very firm press. arc|tangent is a new monome arc app I am working on for high resolution control of anything in a generic sense with a lot of options for routing on the fly.

The Soundplane A can be configured as either a 150-note keyboard with position and pressure sensing on each key, or as one continuous surface. Here are the technical details: Soundplane is also responding to pressure as well a x position and relative to where you first touched a pitch. Resolutions are variable from highly quantized to pretty much unlimited resolution if you are willing to spin the dial enough times.

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